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I offer a broad range of services to support the development of writing projects, productions and learning. These can be amended to your specific requirements as necessary. Please get in contact with your queries. I am enthusiastic  about film production and script supervising as well as writing.


Not a film? Don't be put off. Although a lot of my work is screen related, I have also worked in several other mediums such as music videos, corporate projects, novels, plays and even poetry! 

Writing Services

I always welcome commissions, whether you have a story or idea which needs to be developed or you have a blank page and are uncertain of what kind of film you would like to produce or direct. I am also happy to consider co writing or joining a writing team where we can bounce our creative ideas around. It is often the case that one writer just needs a partner to help with that creative spark and work together with another writer in a supportive relationship. I am vastly experienced in writing for all types of films, from historical and period films, to present day dramas and futuristic action movies. 


Script Rewrite/Polish

A script polish will involve me digging into your script and throwing out all the errors such as incorrect spelling and bad grammar. I will also fix up any badly written action/ description and bad formatting, making sure it is presented to industry standards. I will never tamper with the narrative in a polish.

There are many sorts of rewriting that may be needed including a complete rewrite of the entire script. Sometimes you might even get my edit report and realise that you would like me to make some of my suggested changes to your script directly. There may be a particular character you are having trouble with, a singular act or scene, it may even be that dialogue isn't your thing and you need me to come on board to help with that.

Script Analysis

I can offer you a meticulous analysis of your script with my edit reports. I will exhaustively dissect every element of your script providing you with detailed and thorough notes from a no frills perspective.

Short films, feature films and stage plays all accepted. Please contact me for quotes. Turnaround is usually within 14 days. Rush assignments will incur a small additional charge.



Guest Lecturing

I provide workshops and seminars at film festivals, writer's groups and educational establishments. These can be in the form of a one off masterclass or can consist of a course of lessons over a period of days or weeks. There is never an end to the amount of angles, topics and elements of screenwriting and story telling which can form the focus of a lecture.  For specific details or requests please contact me.

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