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Script Supervisor



I have been working on film productions in the role of script supervisor for several years. I have worked on many short films, some very high end independent films and some very large budget studio films such as Warner Bros production of Tarzan (2016 Release) and Disney's live action Beauty and the Beast (2017 Release). 


I was taken on by Creative Skillset as a trainee script supervisor and attended workshops as well as receiving on the job training. I have since been accepted on the Warner Bros Creative Talent programme. 


I have lots of experience working on films with an enormous amount of VFX and am very comfortable marking up the previs and identifying VFX shots and making the decicion for whether or not to put a V on the board.


I am confident and comfortable producing my continuity notes in both typed and hand written formats. I have experience in both.


I work closely with the director on the film as well as the assistant director, art director and producers, ensuring we get complete script coverage and maintain extensive documents with references to all aspects of continuity. I collaborate with all departments including production, editorial, art department, sound, camera, video, costume, makeup, and VFX amongst others. Go to NEWS for my latest work.

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